June 6, 2020



“Let people learn to devote themselves to good works in order to meet urgent needs, so that they may not be unproductive.” Titus 3:14




Each of us have been given a certain amount of time on this earth.  What we do with that time makes all the difference in the world.


Each of us have been created to be productive.  God calls us to be fruitful with our time.  Most of us have a deep yearning to have something worthwhile to show for our lives.  Although we rest on the Sabbath, the other six days of the week are all about being productive.


The Apostle Paul, when writing to Titus and his brothers and sisters in the faith, was reminding them of the importance of being devoted to good works. 


What kinds of good works does Paul encourage them to focus upon?  Urgent needs.  This is why Christians have always excelled in things like providing food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, etc.  This is how the Holy Spirit calls us.


When we trust our lives to Jesus, the Spirit stirs up a desire to do good works.  The Holy Spirit is then manifested in those works.  In responding to urgent needs, we bring glory to our heavenly Father.  We bring delight to the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.




Lord God, thank you for the opportunity to do something worthwhile with this day you have given me.  Open my eyes to the needs of others around me.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Full Reading: Titus 3:12-15




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