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March Edition of the Sonshine ark focus

February was a fun month but it was also a month of a lot of sickness from the flu, strep throat, colds, pink eye, just a lot of “stuff.” In spite of all the illness, we were able to show our love for each other as we gave our Valentine’s card to everyone. We also had a visit from the Dentist. I did learn something from one of the children as we were having a conversation. A young 3 yr. old told me that he was going to see the dentist because his eyes were black.  In March we will learn about pets with the veterinarian as our community helper. Also, we will discuss poison prevention during Poison Prevention Week. Daylight Savings time starts in March along with the first day of Spring. We always have something to discuss or celebrate. A great big “thank you” goes to each of you for your prayers and your support in helping the Sonshine Ark be the success it is as we work to provide a caring, loving, safe environment for the children of our community. 

Yours in Christ,

Vickie Rodgers, Director

Meet the director

Mrs. Rodgers or Ms. Vickie as her students call her has been in the business of Child Care and Development for over 20 years. With her experience being the director of the Sonshine Ark and Bachelors Degree from UTSA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. Ms. Vickie provides an environment like no other for her students, staff, and family’s who are partnered with the Sonshine Ark. As the Director of Operations Ms. Vickie oversees everything that happens in the Sonshine Ark; including enrollment. Ms. Vickie and her Professionally Trained Staff provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with God's love.   

Mrs. Vickie Rodgers
​Director of the Sonshine Ark

P: (830) 393-7646