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As we begin a new year, 2020, we hope that each of you had a blessed and Merry Christmas and were able to spend time with friends and family. We all at Sonshine Ark had a wonderful year last year and are looking forward to another fun-filled year, busy with learning and playing. We are so happy to report that our No-Show Ball fund raiser was a great success. We raised $4,309.00 which we were able to use as the down-payment for a new van. Thank you so much for supporting the center in this effort. This year is our 28th year of ministry to First Lutheran and to our community. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the year. We will try to keep you updated as to our projects and studies. One thing that we will be doing this year is every third Tuesday of the month our Caterpillars and Butterflies will be going to the Floresville Resident and Rehabilitation center for interaction with the residents. In November they had a scavenger hunt for us and in December we went Christmas caroling there. We want you to know how much we do appreciate all you do to show your love for this special ministry of First Lutheran, and we ask for your continued support and prayers.  

Sonshine Ark Preschool and Daycare Director

Vickie Rodgers

Mrs. Rodgers or Ms. Vickie as her students call her has been in the business of Child Care and Development for over 20 years. With her experience being the director of the Sonshine Ark and Bachelors Degree from UTSA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. Ms. Vickie provides an environment like no other for her students, staff, and family’s who are partnered with the Sonshine Ark. As the Director of Operations Ms. Vickie oversees everything that happens in the Sonshine Ark; including enrollment. Ms. Vickie and her Professionally Trained Staff provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere filled with God's love.   

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For admission into our program you will need the following:   


An enrollment form with complete information about your child. You can request an enrollment packet through the Sonshine Ark Preschool and Daycare by emailing Mrs. Rodgers or Mrs. Vinyard using the email address   or by calling the Sonshine Ark main line at (830) 393.7647.  


An up-to-date immunization record for our files as required by the Texas Health Department. These records must include a negative tuberculosis (TB) skin test. The TB test is required to be passed by all students, staff, administrators, and everyone who volunteers or enters into the Sonshine Ark.   


A statement signed by a medical doctor attesting your child's general good health which must be submitted before admission into the Sonshine Ark Preschool and Daycare program.   


A signed medical release authorizing the Sonshine Ark staff to obtain emergency medical treatment for your child through your family practitioner. 


By the Texas Health Department we Sonshine Ark Floresville are required to have all of this


Language Skills

On a daily basis the Sonshine Ark sees most of our students. During the early years of a child’s life, the child learns the most. It has become our priority to make sure that all of our students are given the equal opportunity to learn language skills especially in our younger classes. Students are not only exposed to English, they are also exposed to some Spanish. 


Social Skills​

Providing a healthy social environment for our students is important to us. We find that children who grow up in healthy social environments are more likely to be successful members of the community. It is one of our top priorities to make sure that our students are given an environment where they can develop their social skills as well as communication skills. 


Numbers and Reading Readiness

- Finger Play (Motor Skills)

- Dramatic Play (Imagination) 

- Creative Play

- Creative Art

- Music

- Book and Story Time

- Dancing and Movement (Motor Skills) 

- Playground Time

- Christian and Religious Instruction

- Morals and Values

- Bible Knowledge


Board of directors

Board Officers

Vickie Rodgers, Director - Email:

Melissa Recio, Recording Secretary - Email:

Voting Members - Parent Representatives

Krysta Baring, Parent Representative - Email:

Brad Bryan, Parent Representative - Email:

Voting Members - First Lutheran Church Representatives

Darren Lange, Council Vice President - First Lutheran Church - Email:

Erin Aschenbeck, Congregation At-Large Representative - Email:

Kristen Pruski, Congregation Female Representative - Email:

Mac Matthews, Congregation Male Representative - Email:

(Non-Voting / Board Consultants)

John Conrad, Pastor - First Lutheran Church |

Laurie Curtis, Council President - First Lutheran Church |